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Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion

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From mood boards to sewing your own fashion - This is your DIY! Do you have a bunch of ideas for super-cute clothes but can't find them when you're out shopping? This book will teach you how to make anything you can dream up! Dresses? Yes. Jeggings? Check. Put your own stamp on everything you create by first sketching your designs in the book. You'll learn how to make fashion design mood boards, using things that you love and that inspire you. You'll be designing and sewing purses, headbands, skirts, and tops in no time! Now you won't even need to leave the house to find your favorite outfit! Whip up awesome designs and then sew them! Find your own personal style by sketching designs and playing with colors right in the book! Learn how to make hip clothes from a New York City-based author! #11091 FunStitch Studio 128p + pattern pullouts, color 7.5 x 9