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I have two daughters (age 7 and age 4). They attended many camps this summer. When I ask them if they like their camp, their response is always the same - "We liked sewing class camp better". Ms. Bobbi is so wonderful with children. She is patient and spends individual time with the children. I cannot believe the amazing items they made for their American Girl Dolls! They sewed sleeping bags, pillows, dresses, etc. It really is amazing to watch my girls play with their dolls with the accessories that they themselves have made and are so proud of. Ms. Bobbi has also come to my house for private lessons and I hear how she interacts with my children in the other room. I am in awe of her patience and ability to handle both of them at once. She knows their level and abilities and helps them throughout the process. She constantly reminds them about safety measures and how to do things correctly. This way they learn from the start the right way to sew. If only I had Ms. Bobbi teach me how to sew when I was younger, perhaps I could sew a button now. :)

~ M. Harra



Caroline's bed buddy (a tattered old bunny) somehow had his arm fall off a couple of days ago right before bedtime. So she slept with him and his detached limb that night. The following morning she awoke and all on her own grabbed her sewing kit and re-attached the arm herself.  It was so priceless to witness a 6-year old be so independent and productive in that way and have such confidence and love for sewing. She knew exactly what to do and so far his arm is still firmly attached!  Thank you so much for all you do in their class. Caroline truly loves every minute of it.  

~ A. Svindland