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Sewing Birthday Parties


Sewing Birthday Parties are a fun way to celebrate your child’s special day. And it’s sew simple! Just decide on a day and let Ms Bobbi help you choose a hand or machine sewing project for you and your guests to stitch. On the day of your party she’ll come to your house with all the equipment and projects needed to have an amazing birthday party! Easy, right?

Call Ms Bobbi (610-494-7742) to book a party and to answer any questions about projects, costs per guest, and any other questions about planning your sewing birthday party!

Sewing Birthday Party Costs:

Birthday party costs are determined by the project chosen and the time allotted to complete the project. Teaching fees are based on $10/hr per child.

“Typical” Hand Sewing Party Project

90-minute session $15/guest
*Hand sewing kit $10/guest
Total per guest $25

*While most hand sewing kits run around $10, sewing kits can vary in price depending on the materials needed to complete each project.

Machine Sewing Party Project

Sewing machine projects can last from 90 minutes for a simple project to 3 hours or more for a more complicated project. Teaching fees are based on $10/hr/guest. Kits fees based on project chosen and costs of materials for the kit.
Please Note: For both kinds of parties, a travel fee (usually $10) is added to the cost of the party.