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Old Fashioned Baby #2 Old fashioned Baby Bonnets

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More Details - Old Fashioned Baby #2 Old fashioned Baby Bonnets

"Old Fashioned Baby Bonnets" is a collection of five beautiful bonnets. The Lacy Peek a Boo is a T-Shape that ties together with ribbon. The Hanky Bonnet is designed for baby to wear and then later when he/she marries, it can come back into a hanky to be carried down the isle by the bride. It comes with an embroidery design, poem, and instructions for pinstitching. Antique Christening Bonnet is fashioned after a bonnet made in the 1920's.It has laceinsertion alternatingwith embroidery, and has fabric ties. The Little french Bonnet is a quick and easy version of an old favorite. The Little Scalloped Cap is perfect for a little boy. It has a chin strap and is lined. A touch of embroidery sets it off.