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We Love to Sew - Bedrooms

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More Details - We Love to Sew - Bedrooms

When you make something yourself, it’s really yours Don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and make all the cute bedroom accessories you ever wanted magically appear? We Love to Sew - Bedrooms will show you how to make them yourself! Whether your style is modern, Bohemian, or somewhere in between, you're guaranteed to find at least one project that you'll be super excited to start creating. Want a new jewelry organizer? A headboard? Or a chandelier? You're in luck! They're all in this book. You'll even learn how to create mood boards that will help you focus on your own unique vision, so you can decorate ‘til you drop! • 23 easy-to-sew and no-sew home decorating projects in 5 unique styles that you can mix and match for a complete bedroom makeover • Includes detailed information on basic sewing terms, supplies, and sewing machine basics • Learn how to create a mood board to guide your vision of the dream bedroom